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Our mission is
for every client to enjoy planning their event as much as they enjoy the day itself.

Why should I hire a planner? - Planning a wedding can be like having another job. Do you have that kind of time? If not, you may want to consider a planner. Also, planners have resources that you do not have. We have done this many, many times and can help keep you on track all while enjoying the journey.

What does a planner do? - The quick answer is anything you need. We can help with picking vendors, design and décor, budget creation, etiquette questions, weekend management and on and on. Think of a planner as your personal assistant for your wedding. How much easier would your life be if you could have a personal assistant? We can’t help with the rest of your life but we can definitely help with your wedding.

How do I pick the right planner for me? - Like anything you need to find out the best fit for you. You would not walk into a clothing store and pick up the first shirt you see, buy it, and expect it to be perfect. Just like your clothes, you need to try out planners. This is what a get-to-know-you session is for. Meet with us and make sure we are the right fit for you. While we could plan any wedding successfully, it is important for us to make a connection with you. If you love your planner and we get you, then your wedding will be amazing.

How much do you cost? - We are a little different than other planners. We create custom packages that allow you to choose how we help. Without knowing exactly what you need, we cannot give you an accurate answer. We can tell you that our weekend management starts at $1500. All other packages would go up from there.